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I felt like this was my own 'Cheers' tonight, where everyone knew my name! Thanks Bill's (and Steve - who ironically reminds me of Cliff!) - Laura
Posted By: Laura
The double decker is serious business!!! - Darren
Posted By: Darren
Wish i could be hanging by the fireplace at Bill's North for pizza and a beer on this cozy snowy night. – Jill
Posted By: Jill
Best pizza ever!!! Thanks Mary Ann and Jake for taking care of a lifelong customer living in Texas!! – Jeffery
Posted By: Jeffery
I've been coming here since the early 1970s! They have excellent pizza + good atmosphere! - Robert
Posted By: Robert
You can search all you want....You'll never find a better pizza ! - Scott
Posted By: Scott
Amazing since I was 5 (45 years ago), NOTHING has really changed at Bill's. This is a GOOD thing. – Tom
Posted By: Tom
Hello all my family at bills pub, worked there when I was 16, 17 years old. Best pizza in town, and beef sandwiches. Miss you – Phyllis
Posted By: Phillis
You all have the bestest Pizza in the world! – Cathy
Posted By: Cathy
I give "Bills" a 10. Been going there since I was a kid and continue to enjoy them every time I get to go home. - Debbie
Posted By: Debbie

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